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Professional Edition (April 2019)

Professional Edition Release Notes

Puma Scan’s release includes major performance improvements in the data flow / taint analysis engine, introduces several new security analyzers, and squashes a few bugs in existing analyzers.

System Requirements

  • End User Edition requires Visual Studio v15.9 or higher

  • Server Edition requires a Windows Server with the .NET Framework v4.7.1 and Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 installed.

Framework Enhancements

End User Edition

  • Extension updated to support Visual Studio 2019. Note the menu items in Visual Studio 2019 have moved to Extensions > PumaScan

Server Edition

  • Bug fix: The installation wizard failed on Windows Server 2016 Standard without .NET 4.7.1. The installer was fixed to install the appropriate prerequisites before moving forward.

  • Bug fix: Fix to stop command line calls from crashing if the report output directory did not exist. The directory will automatically be created going forward.

Azure DevOps Edition

  • Bug fix: Incorrectly setting the license pipeline variable caused the job to fail with an obscure exception message. The build task was updated to display a more useful error message indicating the license variable is invalid.