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Professional Edition (December 2018)

Professional Edition Release Notes

Puma Scan’s release introduces several new features including a new Azure DevOps marketplace extension, repository or solution specific settings file that can live with a single application or service, and more advanced false positive suppression capabilities.

System Requirements

  • End User Edition requires Visual Studio v15.8 or higher

Framework Enhancements

  • Introducing an application specific settings file (.pumafile) allowing custom scanner configuration per repository / application. More details can be found in the User Guide.

  • False positive suppression is now handled in the application’s .pumafile. False positives can be documented in the Exceptions block by adding a new Exception with the project, relative path, start line, end line, code checksum, approver, reason, and timestamp. More details can be found in the User Guide.

  • Puma Scan artifacts (licenses, settings, log files) were moved from the %appdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\Puma.Security.Rules directory to the %appdata%\PumaSecurity\PumaScan directory.

  • Enhanced logging functionality for better troubleshooting. Log files are stored in the %localappdata%\PumaSecurity\PumaScan directory.

End User Edition

  • Create a .pumafile in each repository to apply custom configuration and false positive exceptions per application.

  • Document false positives during development in the .pumafile and obtain approval from security prior to running through the build pipeline.

Server Edition

  • The Server Edition now supports scanning an individual project file (.csproj). Valid options include both solution files (.sln) and (.csproj) files.

Azure DevOps Edition

  • The first official release of the Microsoft Azure DevOps Puma Scan extension hit the marketplace. Pricing is by # of pipelines with your first 5 pipelines covered by the base license.

  • Install the extension on the Azure DevOps Marketplace.

  • Purchase and download Azure DevOps Licenses on the Puma Scan Purchasing Site.