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Professional Edition 0.8.1 (October 2018)

Professional Edition 0.8.1 Release Notes

Puma Scan’s 0.8.1 release is a minor update that focuses on improving the overall scanning performance, limiting licensing server calls, and addressing an unresolved reference issue in the Server Edition.

System Requirements

  • End User Edition requires Visual Studio 15.8 or higher

Framework Enhancements

  • Performance improvements to the data flow analysis engine.

  • Streamlined HTTPS calls to the licensing server.

End User Edition

  • Visual Studio PumaScan menu option is now only visible when a solution file is open.

Server Edition

  • The Compiler API used by the command line interface experiences the error message below when the solution’s default platform (AnyCPU, x64, or x86) does not match a project’s default platform. This release includes a new PowerShell script called ChangeDefaultPlatform.ps1 that syncs the default platform values for all projects in a solution. More details can be found in the MSBuildWorkspace Unresolved Metadata Reference Exception blog post.
ArgumentException: Reference of type 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.UnresolvedMetadataReference' is not valid for this compilation.
Parameter name: references[1]