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Puma Scan Professional Javascript Rules

Enabling Javascript rules

Great news Puma Scan Professional users! You can now enable experimental analysis rules for JavaScript files. To enable these rules, all you need to do is modify your project’s .pumafile to include the following section:  

"ExperimentalSettings": {
    "EnableJavascriptRules": true

Once you’ve made this change, Puma Scan Professional will start analyzing your JavaScript files using these experimental rules. Keep in mind that these rules are still in development, so you may encounter some false positives or false negatives. We encourage users to provide feedback on the effectiveness of these experimental rules to help us improve them and make Puma Scan Professional even better.
However, enabling these experimental rules can help you identify potential security issues in your JavaScript code that you may have otherwise missed. So if you’re interested in taking your security analysis to the next level, give the experimental JavaScript rules a try and see what you discover!