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How to Run Puma Scan Pro in Azure DevOps Pipelines

10 minute video demonstration on how to set up, configure and use Puma Scan Pro in your Azure DevOps pipelines

In this demonstration, Principal Security Engineer, Eric Johnson will show you how to integrate Puma Scan into your cloud hosted Azure DevOps pipeline using the Puma Scan Pro Azure DevOps extension.

You’ll learn how to:

1) Add the Puma Scan security analyzers in your pipelines
2) Run the Puma Scan build step
3) Review what you’ll see the first time you run Puma Scan in your pipeline
4) Activate the pipeline scan
5) Edit and change the pipeline variables
6) Successfully run Puma Scan in your Azure DevOps pipelines
7) Validate and analyze the scan and export your results

Interested in an Azure DevOps 30 Day Trial? Request a trial today: sales [at] pumascan [dot] com