Frequently asked questions for Server plan

How do I purchase and install the Server Edition?

You can purchase the Server Edition by signing in and registering an account. This will take you through the appropriate steps to get the server license, plus 5 End User licenses downloaded and up and running.

How many End User Licenses does the Server Edition include?

Five End User Licenses are included with each Server Edition License. You have the option of purchasing additional Build Server Agents.

What export formats does the Server Edition support?

The Server Edition offers several options for exporting the Puma Scan results. HTML for easily viewing Puma Scan results in an official report format.JSON formatting allows custom parsing with tools such as JQ. MSBuild formatting allows pipelines to processes the results and record vulnerabilities as build warnings or errors. Visual Studio Online (VSO) allows Puma Scan results to be added to the build warnings or errors as the scan runs as a TFS task.

How long does a typical scan take for the Server Edition?

It depends on the size and scope of the project. Some projects can scan and have results within an hour. We recommend adding it as part of your automated scan process during the build process. This compliments efforts of your DevSecOps teams.

When does the scan start?

As soon as you commit your code, your build pipeline will kick off.

Does the tool keep track of project history?

Every artifact (HTML reports) will automatically archive, meaning you can see the history and especially trending.

Can we have someone help customize, install and train our team on the Server Edition Product?

We offer separate packages for support, both for virtual training or in person. Please contact us for more information on this option.