Frequently Asked Questions - End User

Is it a one time cost or an annual subscription?

Our pricing model is based on an annual subscription. We do not offer perpetual licenses at this time. Each year you receive a license file to activate the scanner (again, valid for one year from activation). The annual subscription includes; software updates, rule updates, and product support.

How many licenses do I receive?

You will receive one end-user license on the End User plan. You can install the scanner on up to three machines with the purchase of one End User license.

What's the difference between the End User plan and the Community plan?

While the Community plan is complimentary, the professional End User edition has fewer false positives, ability to export your findings into a report, more advanced features, and product support.

How do you identify the three machines for the End User License?

A single license is allowed to be activated on up to 3 workstations. Workstations are activated using machine specific characteristics such as operating system and hardware identifiers. Licenses are installed in the user’s roaming profile directory, so there will not be any issues with having multiple licenses on a single machine belong to different users. Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.

What export formats does the End User Edition support?

The End User Edition offers several options for exporting the Puma Scan results. HTML for easily viewing Puma Scan results in an official report format.JSON formatting allows custom parsing with tools such as JQ. MSBuild formatting allows pipelines to processes the results and record vulnerabilities as build warnings or errors. Visual Studio Online (VSO) allows Puma Scan results to be added to the build warnings or errors as the scan runs as a TFS task.